About Stow Simple

From the business


Stow Simple is a new and better alternative to traditional self-storage. We pick up, store and return your belongings so you never have to visit a storage unit again. We even photo catalog stowed items online, so you can see and request them back from the comfort of your couch. Secure, climate-controlled storage starts at $25/mo.


Established in 2015.

We’re a brother and sister team on a mission to make storage easy. The idea came to Silvia Camps in 2014 when she was frustrated by the hassles of moving things to storage. “I wanted to push a button and have someone take everything away for me, sort of like a reverse Amazon Prime.” After that thought, Silvia teamed up with her brother and Stow Simple was born.

From The Miami Herald: “A storage solution that is easy and efficient to access. Stow Simple will deliver bins so you can pack them, then pick up your items — including miscellaneous items such as strollers, golf bags and camping gear — and store them in an air-conditioned warehouse. Customers will be able to see their inventory online at all times and can order it returned with a few clicks through the website.”


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